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Experience amazing shows, delectable cuisine and unforgettable cocktails.


Late Night Events Starting Summer 2022


About Us.

KARNEVIL is a fully immersive dinner and show experience based around the best parts of a 1920’s steam circus, with elements of pop culture woven into its fabric. Imagine if American horror story “freak show” threw a party with the best DJ’s on stage while sword swallowers, fire eaters, contortionists, psychics, burlesque, freaks and weirdos entertained you. Imagine five star food from award winning chefs, top shelf cocktails beyond Instagram worthy and the best themed parties in all of Los Angeles.

If you can imagine it, you can experience it! At KARNEVIL you are the celebrity, from the moment you hit our red carpet until the moment your valet escorts you back to your ride, it’s all about you being here, being seen, and being free. You will be thrilled, shocked, and excited by our truly one of a kind experience. So, come one, come all, and join the circus! Located at 6627 Hollywood Boulevard Los Angeles CA 90028!

How it works

KARNEVIL is a true dinner and a show experience. The price of admission food and cocktails have been factored into our three tier pricing. Our amazing food is served tapas style as smaller plates and our chef recommends 3-4 plates per person for a light meal or 5-7 plates per person for a full dinner. Our packages below have been designed to provide just the right amount of food depending on your appetite.

We offer multiple booking times per night for seated dinner theater, which can be booked from our reservation link.

There are three packages you can choose from once on-site.

The Fire Eater. Our base package includes a reserved table, admission to the show,
and your choice of any three plates. $50

The Ring Master. Our intermediate package includes a reserved table, admission to the show, and your choice of any five plates. $75

The Bigtop. Our premium package includes a reserved table, admission to the show, your choice of any six plates and any two cocktails. $125

All reservations are required to choose one of the three packages per person. You may also order additional cocktails and plates ala carte.

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Food & Drink

Enjoy five star food and top shelf cocktails!



We do birthdays like no other at KARNEVIL! The birthday guest will be brought on stage into the show to join the circus. As part of one of the pre-determined acts (you have several packages to choose from) your birthday guest will be surprised and amazed to find themselves smack in the middle of a circus show that’s all about them. The festivity concludes with a spectacular dessert platter featuring our gold glitter dust beignet and a community toast to the birthday guest. Please book in advance as these are limited to only three per night. (Contact for pricing)


From anniversaries to graduations, we can custom taylor a celebration event just for you! (Contact for pricing!)


6627 Hollywood Boulevard
Los Angeles CA 90028

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